Allure Stour is a retail store design that exudes the essence of the international Allure brand as well as the historical nature of its location in SoHo, Manhattan. As Allure’s first brick-and-mortar in 30 years, the space is inspired by the concept of a ‘hall of mirrors’  derived from the Palace of Versailles. The new store will house beauty product displays, cosmetic test stations, and expert demonstrations among other programs.

In recognition of the polarized tendencies of the world, the objective of the store is to offer a place to “exist between the extremes” and “embody the innocence, fragility and power that is generated by the tension between binary states.” Mirrors are used in the project  both as metaphors and the real mechanisms for self-reflection, projection and realization.

Visualizations by Assorted Functions Studio

Hall of Mirrors Diagram Translated to Site

Translucence and Reflection

Dark to Light and all that’s between