St. Lawrence Boat House

This design/build project transformed an old boat house hovering over the St. Lawrence River into a guest house and extended family retreat.

We approached this project as an in-situ installation growing and evolving from the conditions of the site.  Broad scope and program elements were developed early in discussions with the client but the remainder of the design was explored during construction as we sketched details on unfinished walls and tested proportions, transitions, and assemblies by building full scale mock ups. Many of the materials selected for the project were native to the property including the exterior wood siding and cherry wood custom furniture. We carefully considered the approach from the main house as you follow winding path to a series of steps set in the hillside and descend to a deck sheltered by a large cedar tree. The grey blue color of the exterior is set in juxtaposition to the bright and open nature of the interior space. When you enter the boathouse, you are immediately drawn to the spectacular view of the St. Lawrence and a screened porch cantilevering over its waters.