Gowanus Canal Conservancy Office

A street-front vacancy in The Old American Can Factory on the Gowanus Canal became the new office and event space for the nonprofit advocacy group, The Gowanus Canal Conservancy.

The Conservancy fosters community support and collective cooperation as the stewards of the Gowanus Canal and its watershed. In talking with their team, it was made clear that space needed to be welcoming to the public while being flexible enough to hold public events as well as private meetings. As a first step to achieving these objectives, we doubled the visibility of the space by removing a garage door and replacing it with a new storefront system. Respecting the existing fabric of beautiful timber beams and steel columns, the design fit in a strong rhythm of solid and translucent panels to create privacy while bringing light deep into the space. Inside, custom desks and shelving units, fabricated by Tri-Lox workshop, were designed to maximize the use of local and renewable wood.