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KTISMA ktiðsma (ktis'-mah): thing founded; thing created
Ktisma Studio designs buildings, landscapes, interiors, and objects. Based in Brooklyn, New York and Ojai, California, the studio works across North America and Europe, approaching each project as a partnership between client, site, and environment. Our collective work is linked by a shared ambition for a comprehensive and unified design experience.

Ktisma Studio’s residential work seeks to enrich the lived experience through the thoughtful composition of proportion, light, material, and color. We begin the design process by getting to know our client’s daily rhythms and asking how these rhythms can be supported by the rooms of their home and its surrounding landscape. Together, we imagine how a family might grow and its members may change—how they will tend the land, how they will entertain, and how they will find solitude. In the end, we find an architecture and landscape that is memorable, meaningful, and joyous.